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Jerry Karzen  //  Feldenkrais Practitioner

feldenrkais trainings with Jerry Karzen

jerry karzen and moshe feldenkrais

Jerry and Dr. Feldenkrais 1981

Jerry Karzen studied with Moshé Feldenkrais at the Feldenkrais® Institute in Tel-Aviv from 1976-1983. During those years he was Dr. Feldenkrais’ personal traveling companion, secretary, and close friend.

Dr. Feldenkrais chose him to be a Trainer in 1982 along with Mia Segal, Yochanon Rywerant, Ruthy Alon, Chava Shelhav, Miriam Pfeffer, Anat Baniel, and the late Bruria Milo and Gaby Yaron.

Since 1980 Jerry has been the Organizer/Educational Director for some 30 training programs in 9 countries, and has been a Visiting Trainer for numerous other programs. He is currently the Educational Director for Feldenkrais trainings in Germany and Brasil.

Jerry assisted in the editing of Dr. Feldenkrais’ last two books (The Elusive Obvious and The Potent Self) and directed, or himself filmed, 95% of all existing videos of Dr. Feldenkrais’ private Functional Integration® lessons. At his request, Jerry organized and administered Dr. Feldenkrais’ last teacher training program and was the first Executive Director of the Feldenkrais Foundation. He has also served as President of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America®.

Moshe signed photo for Jerry Karzen

Inscription: To Jerry with warm friendship. Nay! hot friendship S.F. 8.12.76

Jerry is highly regarded for his ability to interpret and explain Dr. Feldenkrais’ Functional Integration lessons. He is also known for his clear and concise teaching, incorporating an open-ended, exploratory, and non-directive style.

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