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Learning Materials

Professional Somatic Education Learning Materials
From Jerry Karzen, Feldenkrais® Trainer

Senior Feldenkrais Trainer Jerry Karzen shares the wisdom and expertise acquired over three decades as a teacher and trainer of the Feldenkrais Method in two outstanding new media products. These products are thoughtfully designed to meet the professional enrichment needs of physical and occupational therapists, Feldenkrais teachers, and anyone interested in human locomotion and rehabilitation.

Erin learns to walk better

Five Lessons in Functional Integration® with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.
Audio Commentary by Jerry Karzen, Senior Feldenkrais Trainer.

cerebral palsy feldenkraisErin, a young child with cerebral palsy, learns to walk better as Moshe Feldenkrais constructs for her a series of thematically interconnected learning situations. 
Jerry Karzen, Moshe’s close friend and former secretary, provides simultaneous commentary detailing major features of each lesson.

Based on rare archival video sources, these classic 1982 lessons show Dr. Feldenkrais in top form and provide a fascinating insight into the integrated theory and practice of Functional Integration. With the addition of Jerry’s insightful commentary, the five lessons masterfully illustrate a vital alternative to standard manual therapy practices.

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Awareness Through Movement®:
Knees On floor, Torso on Table

In A Novel Gravitational Position
Six Awareness Through Movement Lessons on 5 audio CDs

Originally developed to inspire the students in Jerry’s Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs to design their own Functional Integration lessons, this program is ideal for Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees as well as anyone interested in dance, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, or athletics. All the lessons are done while lying with your trunk on a low table, bed, or couch and your knees on the floor. Working in this novel position enables a unique reorganization of dynamic posture and gait. These six lessons will markedly increase flexibility and self-organization in your feet, knees, hip joints, spine, and neck. The movements gradually increase in complexity, leading you to experience a more complete sense of self.

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